All in one kits

What Are Polytron's All-in-One Kits?

Polytron’s All-in-One Polyvision Kits are a revolutionary solution in the world of switchable glass installations.

Unlike traditional methods that require multiple steps and coordination between different suppliers, our kits come with a fully fabricated piece, inclusive of both the frame and glass. Designed with ease and efficiency in mind, these kits are perfect for those looking for a simplified, plug-and-play system.

Whether you’re an installer looking to streamline the process or a homeowner seeking a hassle-free solution, our All-in-One Kits are crafted to meet your specific needs.


What Are the Benefits of Engaging Polytron for an All-in-One Kit?


How Does It Work?

Consultation: Reach out to us with your specific requirements, dimensions, and desired features.


Design & Fabrication: Our team designs and fabricates the entire piece, including the frame and the switchable glass, tailored to your needs.


Delivery: The All-in-One Kit is safely delivered to your location, ready for immediate installation by a qualified electrician.


Installation: You can choose to install the piece using a qualified electrician, leveraging our comprehensive guidelines, or opt for our expert team to handle the installation for you.