The heart of every home lies in its privacy and aesthetic appeal. With Polyvision Switchable Glass, you can bring both into your living spaces. This innovative glass ensures you have control over your surroundings, perfectly blending transparency with discretion.

Advantages of Using Polyvision

Just a simple swipe with a non-abrasive window cleaner keeps Polyvision sparkling.
Re-imagine windows without the fuss of curtains or blinds.

Enjoy bright rooms with reduced UV by 98%, ensuring both energy efficiency and less wear on your interiors.

Instant Privacy: With a switch,
keep the world’s prying eyes

Comprehensive end-to-end solutions, including design, manufacturing and installation of advanced architectural frame systems.

Polyvision glass isn’t just about privacy, it’s bandit-proof too.

Polyvision isn't just
functional; it's stylish.

Modern homes are embracing Polyvision in Kitchen Splashbacks, Wine Cellars, and beyond. Truly, with such versatility, the design horizons are endless.

Key residential uses include:

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