Tailored for educational institutions, Polyvision Switchable Glass offers a spectrum of aesthetic privacy solutions, making it a favourite for both universities and schools.


It’s fundamental to craft spaces that promote learning. Polyvision aids in creating bright, undistracted environments, fostering better concentration and engagement.


Incorporating Polyvision with acoustic interlayers or setting it within acoustic frames significantly diminishes noise disturbances. Furthermore, when Polyvision is in its privacy mode (turned off), it doubles as an efficient projection screen or whiteboard.

Advantages of Using Polyvision

Secure instant privacy on call.

Prioritise safety with Polyvision’s classification as A-grade safety glass.

Maintenance is hassle-free and parallels that of standard glazing.

Elevate student learning experiences by curbing noise disruptions, harnessing natural light, and nurturing creative thought.

Curtains and blinds become redundant, ensuring spaces remain sleek and hygienic.

The adoption of structural laminate glass, especially in stairwells, is rising, promoting openness and fluidity in design.

Key uses within the education sector include:

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