Health Care

In health care settings, the union of form and function becomes vital.

With its innovative appeal and practicality, Polyvision Switchable Glass finds a natural fit in Medical and Aged-Care facilities. Its design aids in fostering a clean, bright environment — crucial for the well-being of both patients and practitioners.

Advantages of Using Polyvision

Low Maintenance: Polyvision can be cleaned using a non-abrasive window cleaner

No need for curtains and blinds – improving hygienic conditions

Nurses can check in on patients in the flick of a switch – improve staff productivity

Improve patient recovery

Reduces laser transmittance

X-ray radiation reduction

Improve patient’s comfort during consultations

Current design trend

Switchable glass partitions in place of curtains to decrease

dust and bacteria-harbouring.

Key uses in Health Care include:

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