How Switchable Glass is Better Than Curtains and Blinds

May 8, 2023

When people want privacy measures, they want something that offers three key benefits – full cover, quick use/setup and something that looks pleasing. The foremost points are the most important, and many Australians do not feel satisfied by at least one thing when it comes to their current privacy coverings.

When people want privacy, the best way to ensure that is with window coverings. However, it can be difficult to find an option that excels in style, speed and efficiency. Let’s say you have curtains that often leave a big gap in the middle or blinds with missing slats. That’s compromised privacy.

If you have to fiddle with a string to use your blinds, that can be time consuming and bothersome. Maybe you have some quick and effective shutters, but they just don’t look great. For privacy with no shortcomings, Polyvision Switchable Glass is the perfect solution for immediate and complete privacy. Plus, it’s a fantastic, sleek and modern option that is guaranteed to give your home/property a luxury flair.

Be it at home, in the office, or anywhere else, Polyvision puts you in charge of how much you want to show.

Window Coverings – More Harmful Than You May Realise

Window coverings give bacteria and germs a hiding spot that often isn’t cleaned as frequently as other high-touch points.

Material curtains or drapes gather dust, hair and dander. They’re even dirtier if they make contact with the floor surface. In damp conditions, they can also harbour mould spores and other pathogens. What’s worse is every time you open or close your curtains, these are launched into your home’s air.

And blinds are just as bad if you’re not thoroughly cleaning them regularly. Things like shutters or slat blinds have a lot of surface area, so dust can build up in surprising areas.

Fabric blinds may seem like they’re a better option. However, they can be nearly impossible to clean as they are too delicate to be washed, and surface wipes won’t cut through to the bacteria that has been absorbed into the material itself.

Switchable Glass – Innovative Glass With Cutting-Edge Technology

Many modern interior designs try to cut down on bulky window covers as much as possible. Switchable Glass gives you the best privacy option with no window coverings to achieve a truly open and expansive contemporary look.

Just flick a switch and watch your crystal clear windows transform into an opaque, blackout glass panel as if it were thickly frosted glass. Switchable glass also comes with several practical benefits which complement its stunning design.

Enjoy UV protection, insulation, and significantly reduced dust collection compared to blinds or curtains. Because Polyvision has one surface, dust particles struggle to stick to it. This means all you need to clean it is glass surface spray.

It can also be used for applications in the bathroom, reducing the need for bacteria covered shower curtains and limiting the surfaces harmful microorganisms can cling to.

Finding The Perfect Balance

Sometimes window coverings are used just as much for aesthetic reasons as they are for practicality. For smaller windows, some treatments really add to the area. However, where stylish coverings fall apart is on large, glass windows or doors.

Large window or glass areas are hard to cover in a way that is both attractive and practical. Sliding blind panels are annoying at the best of times and often need unsightly tracks to be installed above your door or window. Curtains are one of the least hygienic coverings, and they can make your home design look dated.

Polyvision removes the need to worry about large glass sections by offering full-cover privacy instantly. We’ve found the best applications for this glass are in spots you wouldn’t want coverings anyway.

Polyvision is perfect for patio doors, sunrooms or any other big windows. The best part is there’s no downside to installing switchable glass as they last just as long as traditional commercial windows.

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