In boating design, utilising space is a key design principle.

Polyvision Switchable Privacy Glass seamlessly transforms expansive areas into intimate spaces. Its versatility extends from fixed windows to sliding panels and even hinged shower enclosures.

Dedicated to excellence, we’ve sourced the finest global materials to forge Polyvision Switchable Glass. This commitment to quality has cemented Polyvision as the choice for Australia’s most awarded boat builder, Riviera.

Advantages of Using Polyvision

Achieve seclusion in an instant with swift privacy transformation.

Brighten interiors organically, amplifying natural light.

Capitalise on every inch of space without compromise.

Tailor Polyvision to any aesthetic vision with endless customisation.

Designed for longevity, Polyvision requires minimal upkeep.

Say goodbye to cumbersome blinds and curtains for a sleeker look.

With Polyvision’s classification as A-grade safety glass, safety remains paramount.

Current design trend

Trade traditional curtains for switchable glass,

maximising panoramic views.

Key marine uses include:

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