Switchable Glass

What is Switchable Glass?

Switchable glass, also referred to as switch glass, smart glass, or privacy glass, operates based on a technology that allows the glass to alter its transparency or opacity on demand.

How does switchable glass work?

By applying an electrical current the glass can transition from being frosted to clear, providing instant privacy while still permitting light to pass through.


What are the benefits of Polyvision Switchable
Glass, switch glass and smart glass?

Privacy on Demand

Polyvision Switchable Glass can change from frosted to clear at the press of a button, providing instant privacy whenever it’s required.

Elevated design

The modern and sleek look of Polyvision Switchable Glass can enhance both interior and exterior design, adding visual attention to architectural details.

Clean & Allergen Free

Eliminate the use of distracting curtains and blinds that can trap dust and allergens. The smooth surface of Polyvision Switchable Glass is easy to clean and hypoallergenic.

Energy Efficiency

In its frosted state, Polyvision Switchable Glass reduces the amount of heat and light entering a space, decreasing energy costs.

UV and Infrared Protection

Polyvision switch glass blocks up to 99% of UV rays, protecting interiors from fading and reducing exposure to harmful radiation. It also offers protection against infrared radiation.


Need a screen or board? Polyvision transforms into a projection or interactive surface in a snap.

Retrofit Capabilities

Switchable glass can be retrofitted into existing structures, making it a versatile choice for both new builds and renovations.

Space Saving

No need for bulky window treatments, ensuring a minimalist and low-maintenance space.


How does switch glass work?

By applying an electrical current, the glass can transition from being frosted to clear, providing instant privacy while still permitting light to pass through.

This transformation is driven by the activation of liquid crystal film that has been embedded within the glass. A switch, remote control, or smart home system typically triggers the change in state, making it a versatile addition.

Electrical wires exit two or more corners of the laminated glass, which are connected to a transformer and a power source.

When electricity is applied, the liquid crystals inside the glass laminate orientate on a molecular level that allows light to shine through in its clear state.

When electricity is turned off, the crystals scatter and the Polyvision Switchable Privacy Glass returns to its dormant, white frosted state (Privacy mode).

What happens if
there is a power failure?

When Polyvision is ON,it remains in clear mode. Should there be a power supply failure,it automatically reverts to its original frosted state,ensuring uninterrupted privacy for users.

Polyvision Essentials


Our Lightweight Polyvision Switchable Privacy Glass can be ready in just 20 business days.

For Toughened, Oversized, or Double Glazed Polyvision, please allow up to four weeks, considering market dynamics and order volume.


We ship in a custom timber crate. A forklift is essential for unloading.

For direct deliveries, we use specialised vehicles with side-loaded glass racks.


Polytron Glass Australia provides an integrated solution. We manage the installation process using our certified glaziers, ensuring adherence to the highest AS 1288-2006 Standards.

Our trusted team of certified glaziers covers installations nationwide.


Technical Specification

Starting at 9.92mm
(4mm Glass + 1.92mm Interlayer/Film + 4mm Glass = 9.92mm)

1826mm x 3506mm. (Minimum glass thickness for this size: 15.44mm)

Low Iron, Clear, Tinted Grey, Tinted Grey, Tinted Blue, Vanceva Saflex Coloured PVB Interlayers

Any shape, including holes & cut-outs. (Polyvision with cut-outs or holes must be toughened)

Storage -10deg C to 70deg C. Accelerated Life Testing >25 Years

Driving Voltage 65 +/- 5 Volts A.C

OFF (26 DEGREES C) <100ms

ON (26 DEGREES C) Approx. 15W/m2

VLT – ON = <76%, OFF = <1%

How to specify?

Polytron Glass Australia caters to architects, builders, glaziers, and homeowners across
Australia. Our Polyvision Switchable Glass is tailored to meet Australian standards, with
the specific type and application determined by our expert team based on the glass size.

Several factors influence the specification of Polyvision Smart Glass. For precise pricing
and specific installation or framing details for your project, please reach out to us.

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