Riviera Australia

Riviera Australia’s Premium Integration of Polyvision Switchable Glass

Established as Australia’s pinnacle of luxury boat crafting, Riviera stands as the nation’s most awarded luxury pleasure boat builder. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, Riviera has continuously sought ways to enhance the boating experience for its esteemed clientele.


In the pursuit of setting new benchmarks, Riviera aimed to re-imagine the master stateroom of their 60 Sport Yacht. The challenge was twofold: ensuring an effortless blend of privacy and openness while eliminating the inconveniences of conventional blinds or curtains. The solution had to be compact, low-maintenance, and encapsulate the essence of premium luxury which Riviera is renowned for.


Enter Polytron’s game-changing Polyvision switchable glass. This ingenious product offered a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality. With the ability to transition between transparent and opaque states, Polyvision delivered precisely the versatility Riviera sought, eliminating the need for space-consuming curtains and enhancing the yacht’s interior elegance.


Recognising the unparalleled benefits of Polyvision, Riviera didn’t just stop at the 60 Sport Yacht. Under the leadership and expertise of Andy and his team, this innovative solution is now a standard feature across multiple models within the Riviera fleet. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with both yacht owners and the Riviera production team lauding its seamless integration and transformative impact on the overall yacht ambiance.

Polytron’s Polyvision switchable glass has not only solved Riviera’s initial challenge but has set a new standard in luxury yacht interiors. Riviera yachts equipped with Polyvision are now celebrated for their perfect blend of privacy and openness, further solidifying Riviera’s position at the forefront of luxury boat crafting in Australia.