Sabar Accountants

Balancing Openness and Privacy with Smart Glass
Saber Group stands out as a leading superannuation, taxation, and consulting firm, dedicated to optimizing client outcomes. As the top not-for-profit firm on the Gold Coast, they boast a diverse clientele across various industries, ensuring they have the expertise to aid any business.


Sabar Accountants’ boardroom, which enjoys magnificent views, is located adjacent to the public reception area. They were reluctant to obstruct these views permanently but realised the need for privacy during meetings to ensure a distraction-free environment.


In collaboration with In Glass Brisbane, we introduced our 13.72mm Polyvision switchable glass to the boardroom. This innovative solution granted Sabar Accountants the flexibility they needed, enabling them to maintain an open space to maximise the views or ensure privacy promptly as and when required.


The advantages of using smart glass are multifold. Its primary feature, often dubbed as ‘privacy glass’, provides immediate seclusion. Moreover, it ensures a distraction-free ambiance for boardroom meetings, directing everyone’s attention to the task at hand.


Beyond boardrooms, smart glass is versatile enough for windows and office partitions. Smart glass partitions empower employees to adjust their workspace based on their comfort, fostering a personalized working environment. They can maintain transparency for team interactions or switch to opacity for moments requiring concentration. Further enhancing its utility, smart glass can double as a whiteboard, creating an interactive platform for brainstorming sessions.