Seabank Building

Seabank Building’s Modern Take on Boardroom Privacy
In the heart of Brisbane, the Seabank Building, always keen on incorporating contemporary elements in its design, explored the integration of Polyvision in their corporate environment, aiming for both functionality and modern aesthetics.


Their stylish boardroom had one issue: sometimes it was too open, and privacy became a concern. The team needed a flexible solution that could offer privacy when required. Conventional frosted films were dismissed as they lacked flexibility, they also wanted something unique to boost the room’s style.


Polyvision Switchable Glass was the innovative solution now transforming the boardroom from an open space to private with just a simple touch. Not only did it eliminate the need for traditional blinds or curtains, it also became a conversation starter, introducing a touch of modern technological sophistication to the area.


In the corporate setting of the Seabank Building, Polyvision switch glass have become an invaluable asset. The wall seamlessly transforms into a projector screen, a whiteboard for impromptu brainstorming sessions, and even serves as an acoustic barrier, making perfect for a variety of corporate activities.