Skin Kandy

Revolutionizing Piercing Privacy
Skin Kandy prides itself on delivering elevated body piercing experiences that resonate with clients not just during their time at the clinic, but for years after their piercing.

As long-term partners, Polytron has had the privilege of collaborating with Skin Kandy for each of their over 50 locations nationwide, ensuring that every store and kiosk benefits from our state-of-the-art switchable glass solutions.

This partnership emphasises our shared commitment to providing an immersive and private piercing journey for all customers.


All of Skin Kandy’s stores are strategically positioned in prominent shopping centres across Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia, and South Australia. These locations, while advantageous for foot traffic, often fall short in terms of providing optimal privacy, especially for kiosks centrally located in walkways. The unique pop-up style booth design drew customers in, but ensuring a private and comfortable experience was paramount.


Our approach was to craft and implement two low iron, toughened Polyvision Switchable Glass panes, shaping the visualized privacy screen. Our Polytron Switchable Privacy Glass stands out for its ability to offer instantaneous privacy. Its enchanting feature of transitioning from clear to frosted  surely captured the intrigue of many shoppers.


Conducting piercings necessitates a private setting, and our Polytron solutions cater perfectly to such commercial needs. For businesses desiring immediate privacy, our offering stands unrivalled in the market.