Switchable Glass In Clinical Spaces

September 27, 2023

With Polyvision switchable glass, instant privacy comes with the flick of a switch. Access to secure and private spaces is paramount to patients’ comfort in medical spaces, where they likely feel incredibly vulnerable. Providing the best possible care puts patients at ease, which has spillover benefits of improving the staff’s day to day experience. Read on to discover the many benefits of using switchable glass in clinical spaces.

Increased Patient Privacy 

Often in medical settings, curtains that are constantly opening and closing can suffer significant wear and tear. It can be disconcerting as a patient when staff can’t fully close the privacy curtain due to damage or poor design. The ease of switching from clear glass to opaque affords patients instant privacy. This is incredibly useful for examination rooms, patient rooms, and operating theatres.

Safe Observation

Switchable glass also prioritises the wellbeing of medical staff. Staff can effectively observe patients with ease, without coming into direct contact with them. This dramatically reduces the risk of cross-contamination of infectious diseases. Thus, the safety of staff and patients is further enhanced.

Reduce Dust

Dust can trigger a variety of conditions, such as asthma, eczema or hay fever. Switchable glass attracts far less dust compared to curtains or blinds. This makes it considerably easier to clean and creates a safer environment for patients and staff.

Using switchable glass in place of curtains or blinds is also far more hygienic, as they can be easily wiped down to eliminate germs that could threaten patient or staff health.

Adherence To Safety Requirements

Switchable glass can easily be incorporated into medical settings as it works in harmony with the strictest safety requirements. Specifically, switchable glass can be used in conjunction with security glass or fire-resistant glass panels.

Modern Interior Design

Incorporating switchable glass into your medical facility achieves a modern design aesthetic. Not only does this look impressive, it contributes to the professional atmosphere you want your medical practice to emulate. When patients are treated in a professional space, in a professional matter, this helps foster and nurture their trust in your practice.

Treating patients with dignity and respect is of the utmost importance to medical professionals. Maximising the comfort of patients is critical to providing the best possible service. To find out more about Polytron’s Polyvision Switchable Glass, get in touch with our expert team.

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