The Best Places To Install Switchable Glass In A Home

October 10, 2023

What sets homes apart from the rest? Technology. Integrating smart technology into homes has become more and more commonplace over the last decade. For the modern homeowner, innovation and automation have become central to crafting a welcoming, personalised and comfortable home.

In keeping with these trends in technology and innovation, more and more homeowners have installed switchable glass into their homes. With more people choosing to renovate or extend their homes, this premium technology has become highly sought after. Switchable glass, also referred to as privacy glass or smart glass, brings an undeniably exclusive, luxurious feel to any house. But there are also countless practical benefits that come with switchable glass – such as UV protection, reduced dust collection (when compared to blinds or curtains), insulation and of course; privacy.

But exactly how should we be choosing to include switchable glass in our homes? What are the best switchable glass applications? Continue reading to find out (stay tuned for number four, it’ll make your morning sleep-ins so much better).

1. Bathrooms

A popular place to include switchable glass in the home is in our bathrooms. Switchable glass is a classy, intelligent way to provide seamless privacy at the flick of a switch. It tends to be a far better option when compared to blinds or curtains – which can easily grow mould when placed in a bathroom.

Privacy glass can be used as the shower screen, as a room divider between the ensuite and master, and also can be included in place of traditional windows. With switchable glass, homeowners can enjoy privacy in their bathroom at the flick of a switch. When they want to let the light back in, they can do so instantly.

2. Front door

First impressions are made at the front door. Bold, extravagant glass front doors have become increasingly popular in recent times. But while stylish, this leaves one problem – privacy. The solution? Switchable glass.

With smart glass, homeowners can let natural light flood their entryway whenever they please. At the flick of a switch, they can enjoy complete privacy.

3. Kitchens

Other than traditional windows, a fun way to include switchable glass in the kitchen is your splashback. Instead of opting for a tiled splashback, go for a glass splashback made from switchable glass.

4. Skylight

Natural light boosts our mood, productivity and energy levels. For these reasons, many people have opted to include skylights in their homes. But sometimes, we want to turn the lights down a notch. With switchable privacy glass, you can. By installing skylights with switchable glass, homeowners can wake up naturally during the work week, and keep the light out when they sleep in on the weekends.

5. Sliding doors, windows and partitions

Switchable glass is a great alternative for all window and door applications. Switching to smart glass for all doors and windows throughout a home instantly evokes a sense of luxury, comfort and exclusivity. It’s also a full proof way to impress your guests.

At Polytron Glass, we manufacture quality switchable glass that’s second to none. With Polyvision switchable glass, you’re only limited by your creativity. Our smart glass can be installed as a wall, dividers, windows and pretty much anything else you can think of. Enjoy privacy and security with increased architectural integrity with switchable glass. Be sure to get in touch with our helpful team if you have any questions about our premium glass products.

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