The Emporium

Redefining Luxury

The Emporium Hotel, nestled in South Bank, Brisbane’s cultural hub, offers guests a blend of boutique luxury accommodation, exceptional dining, and exquisite events. Renowned for its commitment to providing unparalleled experiences, Emporium Hotel stands as both a destination of splendour and a gateway to enriching adventures.


Consistent with its reputation for delivering awe-inspiring experiences, The Emporium sought cutting-edge solutions to enhance privacy within their bathroom spaces. They wanted to preserve the sophisticated aesthetics of their suites while ensuring that guests had the flexibility to control their level of privacy.


Our innovative smart glass was introduced as a pivotal element in the hotel’s design. Serving as a wall divider, our smart glass seamlessly separates the luxurious oversized tub from the main area of the suite.


Further accentuating the bathroom’s modern appeal, we also incorporated this technology into the advanced shower screens.


With the inclusion of switchable glass, guests now have the luxury of toggling between clear and frosted as per their preference. When seeking an open ambiance bathed in natural light, they can opt for the glass’s clear state. On the flip side, privacy is just a switch away, ensuring an intimate environment when needed. An additional safeguard is that in the event of a power outage, the glass defaults to its frosted state, guaranteeing uninterrupted privacy.


Our collaboration with The Emporium has not only augmented the elegance of their suites but has also set a benchmark in hotel luxury. Polyvision switchable glass is a game-changer for hospitality, promising guests an unforgettable stay, bolstering positive reviews, and inspiring repeat visits. For a transformative upgrade to your hotel’s interiors, reach out to our Polyvision team.