Vision Living

Integrating Privacy and Openness: Vision Living’s Innovative Approach

Vision Living is known for seamlessly blending technology with everyday living, aiming to enhance the quality of life in homes. They offer a range of services from Home Cinema setups to security and automation solutions. Their installations rank among the most commendable in Australia.


Given Vision’s dedication to integrating advanced technology into homes, it was a natural choice for them to incorporate Polytron’s Switchable Glass. This glass stands out by providing instantaneous privacy, switching from clear to opaque at a moment’s notice.


The challenge was in the bedroom. Though stylish, it felt a bit cramped. The goal was to bring in openness without compromising the adjoining bathroom’s privacy.


We designed and installed an 11.92mm Polyvision Switchable glass window. This not only allowed more light into the bedroom but also became an eye-catching feature. It’s a brilliant way to balance the need for space and privacy. Now, the bedroom offers a view into the ensuite bathroom but can be made private instantly.


Many Australian homes are now equipped with automation technologies to simplify daily tasks.


Polyvision Switchable Glass offers homeowners both elegance and functionality. Not only does it guarantee longevity akin to traditional windows, but it also hands you the power to manage your privacy. With Polyvision, the control is in your hands. Reach out to us if you’re looking to give your home this modern edge.